Fabrics woven or knitted from polyester thread or yarn are used extensively in apparel and home furnishings, from shirts and pants to jackets and hats, bed sheets, blankets, upholstered furniture and computer mouse mats. Industrial polyester fibers, yarns and ropes are used in tyre reinforcements, fabrics for conveyor belts, safety belts, coated fabrics and plastic reinforcements with high-energy absorption.

Yarns made out of polyester fibers possess high resistance to chemicals and micro organisms. Fabrics made from these yarns exhibit good washing and light fastness but are poor sweat absor-bents.

Polyester yarns are available in count range from Ne 5 till Ne 50 from single, double and multiply yarns are used for weaving and knitting applications.

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"Being a company that manufactures polyester yarn that has a variant enough to get value-added"

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