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The Company was established on April 6, 1973 and the Company has listed its shares in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (formerly the Jakarta and the Surabaya Stock Exchanges) for 7.000.000 (nominal value Rp. 1.000 / share) shares on June 6, 1990.


 The Company’s factory is located in Bandung and the scope of the business comprises the processing of raw materials (polymerization), twisting, spinning, textile industry; mining; energy and general trading. Commercial production of the textile industry started in 1974 while the first unit of polymerization activities started in 1990, the second unit in 1993 and Coal Fired Power Plant is started in December 2006. While the process for speciality polyester Fabric start in September 2007.


As the proud of industrial district of south Bandung, Panasia Group's textile division covers over 80 hectares of land. Making strong statement as the biggest integrated textile company in the vicinity. Its towers reaching high to the sky and seen from miles and miles confirmed such reputation.


Strong demand in the product variations have captured customers' interest from around the world. Panasia determined to meet customer demands.

Our Mission

"Being a company that manufactures polyester yarn that has a variant enough to get value-added"

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